UNN/Nsukka Community Zone Communication Channel

The University of Nigeria Nsukka has provided an online communication channel to enable members of the community and surrounding communities to showcase their businesses.  To take advantage of this facility, please follow the steps below:

  1. Send in your name, contact address and phone number
  2. Indicate the category of your business – categories include
    1. Hotels & Reservations
    2. Religious organizations
    3. Banks
    4. Eateries
    5. Private Landlords
    6. Transport Companies
    7. Places of Interest
    8. Daily Information
  3. Tell us about your business in not more than 50 words
  4. All the above information should be sent by email to communityadvert@unn.edu.ng, or by text to 09051877052 (text message only, please do not call).

Please note that you are fully responsible for any information you forward to us for upload to the UNN/Nsukka Community Zone Communication Channel.